Trinity Lutheran College is committed to providing the most contemporary (21st Century) and developmentally appropriate learning experience and environment for our students from Prep - Yr 12 in a Christ-centred community.

Research shows that the traditional and industrial form of education is limiting to students and so at Trinity we design pedagogy and physical spaces to enhance student growth. Achieving this is an ongoing challenge.In doing this we have undertaken a significant process and, as a college, we have shared our process and journey with staff from schools nationwide. Currently our students enjoy evidence-based agile learning environments in which both the Australian Curriculum and IB PYP program are effectively taught and implemented. Matched with innovative and contemporary teaching strategies such as Project Based Learning, Inquiry learning, considerable student choice on assessment and a growing focus on collaboration in the creation of solutions

Our tours come in two formats.

  • A two-hour catered tour of all facilities as well as access to staff who will provide an overview of the process implemented to achieve each agile learning environment.
  • A personalised tour to address the specific needs of your staff and your organisation.

On our tours you will learn:

  • How to clearly link your pedagogy to the environment.
  • How to leverage the power of student agency to ensure learning is maximised.
  • Change management processes and data tracking used to inform key decision making.

Tour 1 – 2 hours program




30 mins


The Why & How?

Overview of rationale and process.

Insights from the user experience

Pedagogy and influence on environment.

Presentation and general discussion.

1 hour

The What?

Classroom visits & tour.

Selected classrooms to align with those attending the tour.

Tour of college/campus

Observe and interact with spaces, and students.

30 mins

Bringing it together.

Q&A with TLC staff over morning tea.

Final learnings summary


Answer individualised questions.

Tour 2– Personalised tour to suit your professional needs.

The specifics of this can be arranged to suit the individual needs of your school.

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