Strategic Plan 2020 - 2022

Trinity Lutheran College has a three-year strategic plan to guide the College's education philosophy, aspirations for student achievement, fiscal decision-making and operational focus from 2020 - 2022.

Our three areas of strategic focus are as follows:

  • To foster an understanding of wellbeing for staff and students
  • To embed a culture which promotes wellbeing amongst staff and students
  • To ensure sufficient resources are available for the wellbeing strategic projects
  • To ensure Trinity Lutheran College can deliver an innovative and contemporary teaching and learning program that is best practice
  • To effect culture change amongst students and staff to question the status quo
  • To ensure Trinity Lutheran College is ready to adopt technological advances that can be applied to education
  • To develop culturally respectful citizens
  • To create an awareness of and subsequent engagement with sustainable development goals
  • To create truly engaging initiatives to promote global connection
  • To develop Christ-centred citizens who are consistently “others” focused and who demonstrate Christian service (i.e. leaving a positive footprint in people’s lives)

To view our Strategic Plan document, please click HERE.

All enquiries regarding our Strategic Planning process should be directed to the Principal at or telephone the Principal's office on (07) 5556 8205 during business hours.

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