Strategic Plan

Trinity Lutheran College has a five-year strategic plan to guide the College's education philosophy, aspirations for student achievement, fiscal decision-making and operational focus from 2015 - 2019.

Our strategic priorities will focus on four areas:

Achievement and Learning:

We focus on encouraging personal excellence, always inspiring everyone to continually improve, honours achievement and produces personal best.

The Whole Person:

We focus on developing each one as a whole and unique and precious child of God who interacts positively with others, accepts differences and embraces diversity.

Infrastructure and Communication:

We focus on practicing sustainable development showing respect to the environment and facilities to achieve the future vision of the college, acting faithfully as good stewards of God to maximise resources, services and capacities.

Growth and Community

We focus on building a whole community which is committed to making a connection with and a positive difference to other communities, responding to their needs and valuing the contributions of those who serve.

To view our Strategic Plan document, please click here.

To view our Strategic Vision video, please click here.

All enquiries regarding our Strategic Planning process should be directed to the Principal at or telephone the Principal's office on (07) 5556 8205 during business hours.

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