Learning Differentiation

"Go as far as you can see. When you get there you'll be able to see further."

- Zig Ziglar

Differentiation in our classroom programming and student goal setting is extremely important and this is yet another way in which we can meet the needs of each student, offering an individualised approach and providing rigorous learning for all.

Learning Extension

At Trinity, we meet the needs of intellectually gifted and academically talented students in the following ways:

  • In-class differentiated learning tasks
  • In-class extension and enrichment units of work
  • Individual learning tasks
  • Individual learning programs like the Griffith STEM ambassador program for Year 8/9/10 students
  • Inter-school academic competitions such as:
    • Readers Cup
    • MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly)
    • The CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards
    • Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art exhibition
  • Flexible progression
  • Individual mentoring
  • Academic Streaming in the Senior Years enabling students to work at a faster pace and explore higher level thinking.

Learning Support

Our teaching and learning support team is headed up by a specialist teacher and we provide a supportive and collaborative approach for students needing additional support, creating a learning environment where all students can progress at their own rate and reach their full potential.

We work closely with families to develop clear internal strategies and we can refer children to external professionals for further assessment if required.

We recognise that all students are individuals with varying needs, so we offer a variety of learning support systems, including:

  • In-class support and team teaching
  • Class/student observations and teacher feedback
  • Small group and individual remedial programs after and during school
  • Curriculum differentiation and adjustment in the mainstream classroom
  • Homework support and study skills
  • Adjusted curriculum and assessments
  • Professional learning for teachers and families

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