Pastoral Care

The senior years of school can be particularly stressful for students. On top of commitments, like academics, extra-curricular and family activities, and household chores, or maybe even a part-time job, students also have to think about preparing for life after school. Stress impacts negatively on their academic performance and mental health. It is crucial to teach students how to identify and best manage stress. These skills will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.

Our Wellbeing Programs:

  • PERMA+ Model: A research backed model of wellness and resilience, PERMA+ is Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. In addition to these five, the PLUS adds Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep and Optimism.
  • Purpose-built Wellbeing HUB housing the College Counsellor College Pastor, Career Guidance Counellor, Head of Pastoral Care and Yoga studio where yoga and mindfulness sessions are run daily.
  • Purpose-built Senior Learning Precinct dedicated to Years 10-12 giving our senior students the privilege of having their own space to manage and run independently.

Through encouragement and careful supervision, we aim for every student to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally during their senior years.

Restorative Practice:

Trinity is committed to the process of Restorative Practice for Behaviour Management (Relational Management) and all staff are trained in its use. The Restorative Practices philosophy, which is in keeping with our Lutheran approach to education and relational management, provides Trinity students with the opportunity to develop self-discipline and positive behaviours in a caring, supportive environment. Seeing children begin to take ownership for their behaviour, support one another and develop their emotional literacy is evidence of the effectiveness of this approach.

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