Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is an integral part of the holistic package offered to our students at Trinity and enables them to develop independence and resilience as well as decision-making, problem solving, and leadership skills. It also educates our students about social and ecological sustainability.

Outdoor Education activities develop students’ interpersonal skills. They learn how to negotiate with others to achieve the best results, develop safe risk-taking strategies, work best as individuals and within teams and how to lead others in challenging situations.Students develop important skills that help shape their adult lives.

Senior Years Camps:

  • Year 10 students visit Mebbin Springs, Uki, Northern NSW for a 5-night adventure
  • Year 12 students enjoy a two-night retreat at the start of the year. This gives them the opportunity, early in the year, to connect as a cohort and be able to support one another through the year, and to take stock of where they are at, and plan for both the year ahead and their future beyond Trinity. There are also loads of fun, team-building outdoor education activities as well as guest speakers.

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