ICT - 21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning Environment

We engage our students by using the latest mobile learning and technology products that are available. With high-speed internet links at both campuses, we can deliver e-learning initiatives including video conferencing and interactive learning modules together with online collaboration with other schools in Australia and around the world. Trinity supports flexible, mobile learning environments and is committed to providing the latest technology tools to support the goals of education in a digital world.


BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) is used in Years 6 to 12. This allows students to choose a device that they feel most comfortable with and the software tools they enjoy using. This creates a new learning environment where students have a choice in how they want to deliver a rich presentation, folio of work, or even an interactive class activity. These devices work hand in hand with our cloud based services and have battery life to last an exciting and engaging school day.

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