The Year 9 Rite Journey Program.

Trinity implemented The Rite Journey in 2018 as a way of providing our Year 9 students with a program tailored specifically to meet their needs as maturing adolescents moving into their senior years of schooling and young adulthood.

Year 9 is a pivotal time for students as they negotiate the move from the Middle Years into the Senior Years, and move from dependency on their parents to independence, autonomy and maturity. The influence of family takes on a lesser role and being part of a peer group becomes a greater attraction that will eventually lead to their standing alone as an adult. Today's youth culture is strongly influenced by the pervasive online world where positive public role models are hard to find. Our teenagers are bombarded with a range of conflicting messages from the media, social-networks and peers, about what it means to be an adult and how to find their place in the world. The Rite Journey is an unique educational program designed to support the development of resourceful, responsible, respectful and resilient adults. It reinvents the traditional process of a Rite of Passage to assist in transitioning Year 9 students from dependency to responsibility.Throughout this year long program, our Year 9 students are given many opportunities for growth, to start making the transition from childhood to adulthood. To ultimately become the best version of themselves.

‘Every culture in the world had safeguards, and one of those was a rite of passage. The Rite Journey is a very specific and targeted teaching of how to be a good man, along with an actual transition process to make it stick. Andrew Lines, an Australian educator, developed a year-long program called the Rite Journey, which is now in hundreds of leading schools in Australia and increasingly overseas. Grafted to the Year 9 curriculum, it makes this a year of becoming a man or a woman.’

Steven Biddulph: Leading expert and author of Raising boys and Raising girls.

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