Leadership Program

At Trinity Lutheran College student leadership is developed through Years 6 to 12 with focused responsibility in Years 9 and 12. Leadership skills are developed in various ways through academic and social/emotional learning and co-curricular activities. Key to our program are relationships, personal development and the skills necessary to form and maintain teams. Teamwork is fundamental to the 21st century workplace, and we encourage our students to embrace this co-operative team approach with enthusiasm.

We have School Captain and House Captain positions in Year 9. Specific portfolios for House Captains in Years 9 include:

  • Christian Life
  • Academic
  • Citizenship
  • Environment
  • Sport

Trinity also has a middle years Student Representative Council comprised of elected students from Years 6 to 9. This provides a forum for students to discuss issues raised by students and to organise a range of service activities including fundraising. All members have the opportunity to gain skills in a variety of areas including formal meeting procedure, teamwork, delegation and the development of student leadership, and communication and organisational skills.

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