Innovative Learning Spaces

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn"

- Ignatio Estrada

Our classrooms have been designed so as to provide our students with a more flexible learning environment - one which provides every child with the best possible learning outcomes.

Typically, the students do not have their own desks, rather they have a wide range of classroom furniture which includes bean bags, desks, chairs, wobble chairs, cushions, lounge suites, high tables and other creative seating options. This immediately eliminates the need for students to have one single desk where he/she puts belongings. A student belongs to the classroom and goes to the area best suited to his/her accomplishing the required learning. A formal handwriting task will therefore be done at a formal desk and chair, but a research task which has a student talking to a group of people about the question to be answered may be worked on at a high table or on a mat where a group can sit comfortably together. The options will be set up collaboratively by the students and the teachers as they develop their learning intent.

Our teachers work together to generate learning experiences that stimulate the students’ thinking and develops their independence as young learners, and they are excited at how our students are thriving within this flexible learning environment.

To view our flexible classrooms and learn more about this innovative teaching style, we invite you to contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Siobhain Blinko or telephone (07) 5556 8200.


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