Performing Arts

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou


We offer an extensive performing arts program at Trinity encompassing the artistic disciplines of Dance, Music and Drama. Students are encouraged to explore and expand their interest in music, dance and drama with multiple opportunities for performance including our choirs, bands, string ensembles, dance ensembles and drama groups. These programs are all offered at no additional cost.


Jazzettes: Prep and Year 1

Starlets: Year 2 and 3

The Boyz Crew (Boys only, auditioned): Year 3 to Year 5

Dynamics: Year 4 and 5

Sacred Dance (auditioned): Year 4 and 5 (Advanced)


Sparkles: Prep and Year 1

Piccolo: Year 2 and 3

Bel Canto: Year 4 and 5

Glee Club (Auditioned singing & dancing)


Pochissimo (Beginner Strings): Prep to Year 5

Con Sordino (Advanced Strings): Prep to Year 5

Beginner Band: Year 4

Concert Band: Year 5


Junior Drama Club: Years 4 and 5

Private Tuition (Paid Extra)

Private Speech and Drama Tuition is available for students in the Junior Years across a range of Drama and Speaking subjects for those just wishing to improve clarity and confidence, to those who wish to pursue acting.

Private Music Tuition is available for students in the Junior Primary in Composition and/or Music Theory; Contemporary Voice and in a wide range of orchestral instruments, piano and guitar.

We aim to provide outstanding experiences for all children in Performing Arts, where they can have the opportunity to explore their artistic talents in a nurturing, vibrant and engaging co-curricular arts program. If you require any further information, please to contact the Director of Arts, Ms Cherie Smith at or a member of the Performing Arts team on (07) 5556 8245 for assistance.

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