Students in our Junior Years are provided with a holistic education that recognises the importance of every child’s academic, physical, social and emotional development, in a supportive and challenging environment.

Focus on Fundamentals

Key focuses include building strong literacy and numeracy skills, allowing opportunities for students to think and express themselves creatively, encouraging collaborative and team-based activities, developing critical thinking skills and providing opportunities for authentic problem solving. The use of ICT is embedded into daily activities and programmes. We aim to ensure that all children are able to build a solid foundation in key learning areas while developing the necessary self-esteem and confidence to reach their potential.Learning is done at a carefully planned and manageable pace that fully prepares them to gently transition into the Middle Years.

Passionate Teachers

Our motivated and dedicated Junior Years teachers:

  • Deliver a balanced learning experience that focuses on building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, as well as on building students inquiry skills, so that students have the building blocks for life-long learning.
  • Plan age appropriate, engaging learning activities in a safe, supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to achieve their best.
  • Plan collaboratively in and across year levels, using regular assessment to inform their teaching and learning program and to differentiate learning activities which allows each student to succeed at their own level.
  • Engage in regular individual and whole-school professional development to maintain consistent, current high level teaching practice.
  • Maintain a learning environment which reflects and teaches Christian values, enhances students' physical and emotional well-being and in which positive interpersonal relationships are promoted.
  • Actively involve parents in the teaching and learning partnership.

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