"Play is the highest form of research"

- Albert Einstein

80% of a child's brain development occurs before they start school and, for many children, the most important years of schooling come before they can even read.

Trinity Lutheran College has an outstanding reputation in the community as a leading Christian school on the Gold Coast. Our Early Learning Centre, Little Stars, provides a safe, secure and supportive learning environment allowing your child to explore, discover, question and problem solve. The educational program stimulates young minds to think independently and promote their own learning. It fosters creativity, challenges thought processes and supports co-operative learning. We accept each child as a capable, unique individual, building on his/her interests and abilities.

We accept children from 2 1/2 years of age until school age and each room has a team of 2-4 educators who work together to provide `excellence in early childhood education'.

Our supportive and caring family atmosphere helps children develop a firm foundation to be socially, emotionally, physically and cognatively prepared for their learning years ahead. Please view our BROCHURE for more information about our Early Learning Centre.

Teachers Who Care

Our ELC teachers are qualified in early childhood and foster children’s growth and learning in these critical years through unique daily programs grounded in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework.

We value the diverse experiences, abilities and qualities of every child. Our programs are centred on play, allowing your children to learn through inquiry and hands-on experiences that inspire creativity, co-operation and self-learning, while also providing them with the opportunity to take part in supplementary foreign language and PE lessons.

Our Christian values are visible in all our teaching staff and programs. We believe that by teaching children the core principles of love and acceptance at an early age, they will continue to encompass these values as they grow, both physically and emotionally.

The Leading Christian Kindergarten on the Gold Coast

Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre is a kindergarten that nurtures and values your children, providing them with the skills and framework to meet their coming years with confidence in themselves, acceptance of others and a desire for personal growth.

After these critical formative years, your children can continue their education with Trinity moving into our Junior Years and then onto our Middle and, finally Senior Years.

For more information about our Early Learning Centre, please contact our ELC Director on 07 5556 8336 or 0438 171 410 or email elc.admin@tlc.qld.edu.au. You can also download our BROCHURE.

Limited enrolment opportunities are available. For all enrolment enquiries, please contact our Admissions Registrar via email at admissions@tlc.qld.edu.au or telephone (07) 5556 8221 during business hours.


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