The Duke of Edinburgh

Today more than 140 countries have adopted The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program and more than 8 million young people have participated worldwide. Locally over 700,000 young people have completed the Award in Australia in the past 50 years.

The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development.

Each young person who takes part in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical well being, volunteers in their community and experiences a team adventure in a new environment. All Participants are supported by a network of adult Award Leaders, Assessors, Supervisors, and mentors.

    The key elements of the program are:

    • Open to all between the ages of 14 to 25.
    • Three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each progressively more challenging.
    • Four Sections: Physical Recreation, Skill, Service, Adventurous Journey plus Residential Project (Gold Level only).
    • Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

The choice to do The Duke of Ed is entirely voluntary and every Award is different. Each Participant chooses what activities they want to take part in for each Section. It is a very personal program that offers young people a structure to fulfill their passions and ambitions in a way that suits them. Apart from the requirements for each Section, and the safety training requirements for the Adventurous Journey Section, the activities a Participant chooses to undertake is entirely up to them. They have the freedom to progress through The Duke of Ed according to their personal needs and abilities.

For more information on The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme please contact Mr Michael Togher or telephone (07) 5556 8200 during business hours.

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