The Arts

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein

Performing Arts

Drama, music, dance and art all flourish at Trinity. Senior school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to complement their academic studies through the performing arts co-curricular program. We are passionate about performing arts education and believe in the importance of the arts in the modern school environment and the community at large.

All students are encouraged to become involved in the arts. In terms of self-expression, self-awareness, attainment and interpersonal skills, the arts are central to Trinity’s holistic ideals. There are many performance-based opportunities for students to show case their talents during the school year.

Extension Program: Arts Centre for Excellence

Trinity also has an ‘Arts Centre for Excellence’ program, designed to inspire, mentor and prepare students for a career in the arts.


Locomotives (Auditioned): Beginners

Express (Auditioned): Intermediate

Viva (Auditioned): Years 10 to 12

Fusion (Auditioned singing and dancing): Years 6 to 12


College Choir: Years 6 to 12

Senior Vocal Group (Auditioned): Years 10 to 12


String Orchestra: Years 6 to 12

Paganini Strings (Advanced): Years 6 to 12

Rock Band 2 (Intermediate): Years 6 to 12

Rock Band 1 (Advanced): Years 6 to 12

Revelation – Chapel Band: Years 6 to 12

Wind Symphony: Years 8 to 12

Col Legno Quartet (Auditioned): Years 10 to 12

Big Band: (Auditioned): Years 10 to 12


Intermediate Play Verve (Term 2 & 3 only): Years 9 & 10

Senior Play Zest (Term 1-3 only): Years 11 & 12

Private Tuition (Paid Extra)

Private Dance Tuition is available in contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and tap to senior school students wishing to improve their technique or learn a new style of dance.

Private Speech and Drama Tuition is available for students in the senior school across a range of Drama and Speaking subjects for those just wishing to improve clarity and confidence to those who wish to pursue acting.

Private Music Tuition is available for students in the senior school in Composition and/or Music Theory; Contemporary Voice and in a wide range of orchestral instruments, piano and guitar.

If you require any further information, please to contact the Director of Arts, Ms Cherie Smith at or a member of the Performing Arts team on (07) 5556 8245 for assistance.

Visual Arts

Trinity offers a creative and vibrant Visual Arts department offering ceramics, photography, sculpture, fine art and other art forms, in order to produce work of the highest calibre. There are a number of internal and external exhibitions affording students the opportunity to show case their artistic creations.

For more information about the visual arts program at Trinity please contact Mrs Kylee Macmichael, Head of Learning - Arts at or telephone (07) 5556 8200.

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