The Kokoda Challenge

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing"

- Helen Keller

The roots of the Kokoda Challenge lie in the Kokoda Campaign of World War II, and the bravery and sacrifice our Australian Diggers displayed to hold off the Japanese invasion in Papua New Guinea. The part our heroes played almost certainly protected Australia from direct invasion.

The main event, The Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast, is hailed as the toughest team endurance event in Australia. Teams of four tackle 96km (the distance of the Kokoda Track) through the Gold Coast hinterland within a time limit of 39 hours (in honour of the 39th Militia, who were the first Australian response unit at Kokoda). There is also the half event for those wanting to build up to the big one. The 48km Kokoda Challenge is held on the same day as the 96km event and has teams of 2, 3 or 4 people tackling the second (and easier) half of the course through the Gold Coast hinterland.

Our dedicated teachers motivate and assist those students who enter the Kokoda Challenge. They provide guidance in all the preparation and training for the event, making sure that students are both mentally and physically ready to take on this incredible challenge.

For more information on The Kokoda Challenge please contact Mr Michael Togher or telephone (07) 5556 8200 during business hours.

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