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Celebrating as a Community

When you read this newsletter article, the 80s Rewind's preparation will be at fever pitch!

This celebration as a community of present and past parents, present and past staff, past students (our alumni) and Living Word Congregation members, is a clear testimony of the strength of our community at Trinity.

Our P&F Auxiliary Committee has worked tirelessly to make this dinner and dance function a fun activity for our parents, past and present. Set in the Robert Hoff Community Hall where it all began 35 years ago this event marks a significant milestone of the college. Over 200 tickets had already been sold at the time of writing to the above referenced stakeholder groups. The members of this committee are all volunteers. Their goals in serving in this capacity are to raise funds for the college for the benefit of our children/students and to strengthen the pillar of the college, i.e. community. This group of volunteers exemplifies the college core values of respect, service, community and personal excellence at all times through their initiatives, ideas, activities and tireless effort and enthusiasm.

The college is grateful for, and appreciative of, all our volunteers. They include our class and excursion helpers, library and tuckshop volunteers, support groups (rowing, performing arts, aquatic club, netball), youth pastors and chaplains from our local churches, class representatives, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls’ helpers and P&F Auxiliary Committee members.

Let’s gather at the 80s Rewind on 4 June 2016 to celebrate 35 years of community building and to support our ever present P&F Auxiliary Committee for their valuable voluntary service.

Mrs Tsae Wong


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