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Global Connections, International Mindedness

Our college vision aims at creating a globally connected and innovative learning community. The world is now such a connected “place” not limited by the geographical or political boundaries.

As in all things, such connectivity can be used in both positive and negative ways depending on one’s values. There were many reports made recently that schools were being targeted by international bomb threat hoaxes during which such connectivity was used for the meaningless and self-serving purpose of creating fear or panic. On the other hand, such connectivity can be used in more positive ways such as when our Ashmore Road campus students welcomed our Korean visitors and made connections by hosting them as homestay students, learning about the Korean culture and making friends with them during classroom immersion periods and in morning tea and lunch breaks.

Similarly, innovative technologies in themselves are just tools, however, the users of these tools will act differently depending on their values and purpose. We have read repeatedly of online trolls who post hurtful and malicious comments or remarks attacking other people due to differences in opinion based on very superficial understanding of the situations in question. Conversely, these wonderful innovative technologies can be used to enhance learning by expanding our horizons and helping us grow in empathy and understanding.

Consequently, the college’s emphasis on the head, heart and hand for personal excellence is very important, because without intellectual understanding (head), a student is not able to appreciate the values (heart) that are required for genuine service to their community (hand).

In our teaching at Trinity, we recognise the need to understand the individuality of every student so that each one of them is helped to become a global citizen who can engage in robust debate, make informed and ethical decisions, while having the empathy to help others and to grow in their love for humanity.

Mrs Tsae Wong

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