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← Year 10 offers Australian and global challenges to students

In the latter part of Year 9 students with a strong academic record and high learner profile score are encouraged to apply to take part in the self-directed Year 10 Challenge Program.

The Challenge Program suits those students who seek additional academic opportunities beyond the Velocitas subject programs that are available in Maths, Science, English and Humanities in Year 10. It is a self-directed, project based program driven by the individual student and, in many cases, it is an extension of their already evident personal interests. Each participant is supported by a mentor. As a student may require financial and organisational support to pursue a particular challenge, it is offered to students who are able to succinctly articulate their goals and plans for their project in their written application.

This self-directed learning opportunity for Year 10 students is keenly sought after and over the last 4 years participants in the program have challenged themselves in a range of local and international settings. Their achievements have helped establish the 'Honours' style reputation of this program in the Trinity and the wider community.

The 2016 Challenge Program award recipients were announced at the recent Commencement service in The Trinity Centre and we congratulate the following students and wish them a very rewarding year.

  • Samantha Chien: International Mindedness (Reitaku Senior High School, Chiba, Japan, Term 2)
  • Jamie Kong: International Mindedness (Reitaku Senior High School, Chiba, Japan, Term 2)
  • Josephine Cross: Service Learning titled, 'Dare To Dream', offering dance classes to young patients of the Leukaemia Foundation by upskilling herself in the teaching of dance.
  • Chloe Finnis: Service Learning titled, 'Art Aid', volunteering to assist with young children and students in art related competitions, exhibitions and workshops.
  • Jake Goodall: Service Learning. Volunteering to assist with sound and lighting at major college events and developing his skills and expertise in this area.
  • Cayley Little: Service Learning. Engaging in work experience to become an Avian Trainer at Taronga Park Zoo by studying different types of communication by birds.

Carrie Allwood
Head of Campus, Middle & Senior Years

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