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October is here, and before we know it, it will be end of the school year, and for our Year 12’s, “goodbye TLC”. I think back to my end of Year 12 and I was honestly terrified of what the future held – I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, or what steps I would even need to take to get there. I had University lined up but wasn’t 100% sure that what I’d picked was the right choice… I wished there were better options for Gap-year programs or short courses to help me shape my future.

Recently LYQ (Lutheran Youth of QLD) launched a program called LUMINATE that helps people discover what God may want them to do “next” in their lives – and it is an amazing adventure! This is something that any young adult aged 17 – 25 can undertake. There may be someone in your life that would benefit from hearing about Luminate – so please – spread the word! See the advertisement for details – and all the best with what’s “next” for you in 2017.

Blessings, Chaplain Janice.

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