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Interesting that before you can take up a new career, there is the job application to go through. A basic question to answer is: what qualifies you for this job? Likewise, in places of learning, whether here at school between year levels or at Uni before graduating, that same question is being asked and reviewed. Did you realise that this question of, 'what qualifies you?', is also central to the Christian Faith but not in ways you might have expected. What's often talked about is acts of service, demonstrating love for others and humanity, right doctrine and biblical knowledge, but actually none of these qualify you before Christ. In 1 Timothy 1:15 we read something extraordinary: "Christ came to save sinners!" That's the qualifying agenda! So if you haven't been at your best, failed to do the things you should have done by now, said things that were better left unsaid, ruined relationships, spoilt friendships, made a mess of things ... Then guess what: surprisingly you qualify for God's grace, forgiveness, power to heal and restore, because "while we were still sinners, Christ came to save sinners."

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Pastor Dirk Willner

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