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Monday, 7 November was our final Twilight concert for 2016. What an incredible night of performances from a variety of performers in Years 1 to 12, with a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, voice, trumpet and saxophone, along with some wonderful actors to add to the program.

The concert was held in an intimate and supportive setting where students bravely performed as soloists or in small groups to showcase their progress on their chosen instrument. Students have been working hard all year with their private music/drama tutor in private or small group lessons, and during the concert they were able to demonstrate just how far they have come in their performing arts journeys.

The house was full, with support from family and friends who were so appreciative of the student talent and dedication. Some students even gave their first ever recital performance!

We wish to thank the tutors for their outstanding work as part of the performing arts tutor team. Each week, our music, drama and dance specialists offer individual and small group lessons specifically designed for their students, who are all at different phases of their artistic journey. Our tutors are passionate, supportive and encouraging and we celebrate all that they have achieved with our students this year and thank them sincerely for another great year as an integral part of Trinity Performing Arts.

We thank: Simon Petty, Arnya Reddrop, Cheryl Breen, Renton Breen, Linda Van Vierson, Bruce Davidson, Gerard Grundy, Jon Woodend, Taylor Holmes, Vicki Green, Paula Guild and Ken Koido.

Ms Cherie Smith
Director of Arts

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