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We are very proud of our clubs program at the Junior school. During lunch break every day , teachers supervise a wide range of activities encompassing International culture, craft, fun and extra sport. Peel Sensai also supervises a Japanese vocabulary club allowing students who are new to the school to catch up to their peers in their Japanese studies. Chess is a popular club and this user paid activity is organised by Mr Clarke. The club commences at 7.45am in the library and finishes as the first bell goes. An instructor is employed to stretch the students' skill level and students from Year 6 are welcomed back to the Cotlew St. campus to participate in this club. Mr Clarke is now opening his classroom every Wednesday morning at 7.45am to enhance our students’ progress allowing them to play chess against their friends. There are interschool competitions each term and we look forward to hearing of our students' successes at these tournaments.

Our lunch time clubs are free and organised by our teachers but heavily supported by our parents and even by members of the Living Word congregation. We thank our Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese and Hungarian mothers who have organised our wonderfully successful international cultural clubs over the past two years. These international clubs often perform at assemblies with colourful costumes, dance and poetry or song as a culmination of all the children have learnt. We are also so appreciative of the grandmothers who organise the knitting club in Term 2 - you will know it has started by the vast number of children making pom poms whilst waiting for their parents in the afternoon!

Please ask your children about the clubs program - you may be surprised at how often they are involving themselves in the variety of activities on offer. Aside from Japanese and Chess, the clubs change each term and I know many of our students wait with great anticipation to find out which new club activities are on offer each term.

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early & Junior Years

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