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← ​The beginning or the end

For our Year 12 students it is the end of a long and significant chapter in their development to adulthood. Now the path to their chosen career begins in earnest. Is that the end or the beginning?

Can we always tell the end from a new beginning? I guess that’s why a graduation service is so important. It celebrates this transition. But for many of us it will be an ordinary day. We might be looking to other transitions, from one school year to the next, or anticipating the holidays with its festivities of Christmas and the New Year. There will always be markers on our journey. It’s up to us to notice them, pause and reflect on what’s been achieved, and to celebrate the occasion. This will give us a perspective over the past with a feeling of nostalgia perhaps for the good bits. There will be moments that mark occasions like weddings, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one. So much of life is lived with this question: is it the beginning of something new, or the conclusion to what’s been? I guess Christmas with the story of the Saviour born in a manger was the beginning of the Gospel message, but it ended as a disaster on the Cross.

But here’s the thing: God used Jesus’ entire message and ministry and turned it to the proclamation of eternal life given to all who believe, as demonstrated through Christ’s resurrection from the grave. With God, every end has a new beginning. His blessings are new every morning and in faith we can walk confidently in that belief.

Pastor Dirk Willner
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