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← ​Spring drizzle moistens gradually

I became a Christian in 2000, but I was bothered by why I didn’t have as dramatic a testimony as some other Christians and I questioned this. Compared to them, my life looked boring.

A Christian told me, “God `s thoughts are higher than your thoughts. We cannot understand all things but if we call on the Lord humbly, He may reveal the secret of the kingdom to us”.

Two years later, I miraculously answered this question myself while chatting with a fellow Christian.

It’s really simple! Why would we want all the drama involved in having a dramatic testimony when God can work so well in our lives without it?

He knows us. I am not as fervent in spirit as Elijah… God knows I am weak, so he gives me no more than I can bear.

God is working slowly in me but when I look back on my past, my life has changed dramatically!

I remember an ancient poem: “The spring drizzle comes with gentle breeze, it moistens everything.”

God’s grace is like spring drizzle moistening everything. He changed my life so gradually I barely noticed it, but my heart has been profoundly touched and my life has been totally transformed.

Chaplain Nicolas Hu

(This year Nicolas is serving as a Chaplain at Redeemer Lutheran College, Rochdale and Trinity Lutheran College, Ashmore and Trinity Lutheran Church, Southport. He specialises in ministry to Chinese people.)


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