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Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to attend some Trinity sporting events. I watched our Year 4 – 6 Athletics carnival at Griffith University and our APS Athletics carnival at Somerset College. Congratulations to our school and APS age champion winners, and to all competitors for the wonderful spirit of participation at both events. I watched our netball teams enjoy a carnival on a warm, sunny Sunday and our Prep to Year 3 students participating in their weekly sport fun activities on Fridays, and saw the exhausted, yet happy faces after a good run around outside. It was terrific to see the parent and extended family support at these events and the sense of community which came from it. With this in mind, I thought I would give parents some thoughts on school sport from my perspective as Head of Campus, Early and Junior Years.

School sport is not always about winning. As parents and educators we encourage all students to do their best and play to win, but I believe sport has a higher purpose. Learning to win gracefully, accepting loss with dignity, learning to be competitive and still respectful, and learning to be part of a team and accept errors made by others, are all imperatives that I have seen demonstrated at all the sporting activities I have witnessed recently. School sport should be a fun and healthy pursuit and the associated comradery and community is an imperative at Trinity. I have been very proud of our students at our school sport events and of those who represented Trinity externally. I have witnessed their positive spirit and the fun and healthy activity associated with the sports offerings at Trinity. I have seen the parents and family members cheering the team on for a win, draw or loss and this caused me to reflect on the qualities that stand out at Trinity, such as our strong sense of community and our commitment to being a school with heart. In the Bible, we are told to ‘run the good race.’ This is of course a metaphor for life, and I am proud that at Trinity our students are playing sport with character and dignity and learning many of life’s lessons through it.

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early & Junior Years

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