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As we approach the end of the school year for middle and senior students and their families, we are reminded of the need for parents and teachers to continue to work together to teach children about taking responsibility for their own actions, comments and the impact their decisions have on others.

Children and young adults who have the ability to empathise with others usually take responsibility for the times they have not been active contributors to a group task; haven't handed in an assignment by the due date; haven't supported their sports team by turning up for APS sport, haven’t attended their House evening or when they have made inappropriate behavioural choices /comments on line or face to face.

The list of school related responsibilities is endless as parents of school age children know, and there can be stress in families as parents try to support the expectations of each subject teacher and encourage their children to follow through with commitments. It can be a lot less stressful sometimes to just opt out when our children apply pressure on parents to avoid school expectations.

The most successful family/ school partnerships occur when both parties understand their roles and constantly work together for the good of the child, rather than giving children the impression that they will always be rescued if they haven't taken responsibility for a school commitment or for upholding the expectations of the college.

As senior students prepare for their final exam block and they are given more freedom and responsibility regarding their time on campus, we ask parents to please be aware of your child's exam timetable, who they are transporting in their cars and their whereabouts during the day if you are at work.

We ask parents of Year 12 students in particular, to continue to work with the college to ensure their children follow up and are responsible for the final requirements of Year 12, including attendance at the APS Sports finals on Friday 11 November. This is what it means to ‘finish well’.

As senior teachers and pastoral care teachers finalise course requirements, college references and Graduation requirements for Year 12 students, we will continue to stress the importance of our students being responsible young adults as they come to the end of their secondary schooling, and to always keep in mind their goal to take personal responsibility and to finish well… They can do it!

Mrs Carrie Allwood
Head of Campus, Middle & Senior Years

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