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← ​Sitting down around the dinner table, one day a week – how easy is that!

I have a challenge for you this week. Pick a day (in advance) when you know you will all be home at the same time for dinner. If you’re home multiple nights of the week, you may want to choose to do this two or even three times a week. Once you’re all settled around the dinner table, I encourage you to have all technology off or on silent – have no distractions between you and your family.

Ask everyone two simple questions: What was the best thing that happened to you today? And – was there anything that you didn’t like and/or that made you sad today? A key aspect of Jesus’ ministry was simply to spend TIME with people. Through gentle encouragement and words of wisdom, Jesus’ impact on his friends' lives was amazing.

You may be surprised at how quickly conversation flows and positive relationships are built, as you spend this time together. Parents, you are the best role models your children have in this life, and you are doing a great job!

Chaplain Janice.

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