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In the past three decades, many researchers have sought to identify the magic formula for resilience in families - those elements that contribute to family members' feelings of wellbeing, personal worth and general happiness. These findings are of paramount importance for parents of adolescents. One researcher identifies three characteristics of resilient families:

Cohesion, flexibility and communication. All of these characteristics provide a secure and protective environment for young people to grow up in.

Another research project undertook the task of identifying which particular qualities family members themselves saw as leading to family resilience. As high as 98% of those questioned agreed that certain statements were essential descriptions of resilient families.

Some of these statements are:

  • We feel strongly connected to each other
  • We allow each other to be ourselves
  • We enjoy simple, inexpensive family activities
  • It is easy to share our values and ideas with each other
  • We love one another
  • We often laugh with each other
  • We enjoy helping each other

If parents work at making these statements apply to their families, adolescents will feel connected to their families, and will become much happier, more well-adjusted young people.

Ref: Carr-Gregg, M and Shale, E (2002) Adolescence, a guide for parents

Mrs Carrie Allwood
Head of Campus, Middle & Senior Years

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