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Recently my family and I travelled through the outback. It was such a wonderful experience – open roads, few other people, spectacular scenery.

The only problem was - we had to go into major towns from time to time to stock up on food. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem. But towing a caravan and navigating city streets is quite tricky! Especially if you make a wrong turn into a one way street.

Sometimes it seems like our journey with Christ can be like this. We cruise along comfortably when no troubles are close - but every now and then we get crowded in and make a wrong turn.

What is comforting for us as Christians is that Jesus IS the way. There are no confusing tricks, no hoops to jump through, no special rules. Just one - FOLLOW HIM. Jesus says in John 14:6 - "I am the way the truth and the life".

Rest assured that no matter what turns you make in life, as long as you're turned towards Jesus, you are safe with him.

God bless
Chaplain Janice

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