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← ​MUNA 2016 (Rotary International District 9640)

On Saturday 19 March, two teams of students attended the 2016 Model United Nations Assembly in order to debate and vote upon topical, global resolutions. The students, representing Afghanistan (Amelia Grace Year 12, Georgia Dyer Year 12 and Uno Kakegawa Year 9) and Ireland (Elyra Neluschi Year 11, Stuart Brown Year 10 and Bronte Mullane Year 10), actively participated in lively discussions about urgent issues that currently impact upon our international community.

This exciting, annual event influences, educates and develops future leaders, giving students the opportunity to engage with key global issues through real life experiences. MUNA events provide an elite catalyst through which to: ignite young people’s interest in international issues and communities, pursue further international leadership opportunities (such as United Nations Youth internships) and develop networking opportunities with other future leaders of Australia.

Debates focused upon negotiating pivotal resolutions, including:

  • regulating international migration;
  • protection of human rights while countering terrorism;
  • reducing the amount of violence against women;
  • development of international security.

Throughout the day, students extended their confidence, public speaking and teamwork skills. Our teams were professional, knowledgeable and actively participated with poise and discernment as they discussed resolutions, amendments and negotiated stronger relationships with other countries.

Mrs Clare Cunningham
English Teacher, Head of Year 9


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