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On Wednesday 27 May our Year 10 & 11 students participated in a mental health presentation facilitated by James Peterson. James is passionate about mental health and delivers presentations which encourage people to put their mental health first and to make changes in their life so as to become more mentally healthy.

James emphasised the importance of individuals taking responsibility for their mental health and wellbeing. He encouraged the students to think critically and apply the information to their individual wellness, and to support others in their pursuit of excellent mental health.

As part of his presentation, James shared 8 simple lifestyle changes (listed below) which anybody can incorporate into their day to improve and maintain optimum mental health:

8 Lifestyle changes:

  1. Reduce and manage stress
  2. Exercise for 15 minutes a day
  3. Minimum 8 hours sleep per night
  4. Minimum 30 minutes outside in sunlight per day
  5. Interact with people
  6. When experiencing negative thoughts, do an engaging activity
  7. Daily Omega 3 fish oil
  8. Seek help early

The following student reflections represent a sample of the positive feedback we received after the presentation.

"James Peterson, despite his youth, has experienced much and can relate those experiences to mental health. He shows strength, rather than wallowing in self-pity, by sharing his coping methods with young people and encouraging them to look for the support that is readily available. James’ words were inspiring in many ways and I found them reliable because he shared his own experiences, giving us a reason to trust what he said." Bronte

"James was informative about how mental health issues can be managed. By using simple strategies and a change of mindset, mental health problems can be managed and I thought that was very helpful for teenagers like us." Tyler

This was a valuable presentation which reinforced the importance of learning through a “Head, Heart & Hands” approach for both students and adults in our community.

Ms Jannene Hanlon
Acting Head of Year 10

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