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At the start of a new year we make various resolutions; commitments to do (or not do) something. It involves effort to succeed and can challenge us to improve. This year we would like to support you with a resolution to read more. This is one challenge we would recommend you share with your children.

Our 2016 Reading Challenge:

  1. Reflect on your reading from 2015. What did you read? How much did you read?
  2. Set a target number of books to read this year. Take into account the length and type of books you are planning to read.
  3. When selecting books, aim for wide reading. Include a variety of genres and formats. Include magazines, non fiction, audiobooks, eBooks and print books.
  4. Keep a journal so you can celebrate your achievements and monitor your progress. You may need to increase your target later.

Last year some of our students set themselves a holiday reading challenge by joining the Summer Reading Club. They have read between 6 and 20 books. We congratulate all participants on their effort and success with the challenge.

Mrs Leesa Merifield, Head of Learning (Information Literacy & Middle Years Academic Progression and Mrs Kym Oestreich,Teacher Librarian Early and Junior Years

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