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Isn't it amazing how quickly things pile up and become clutter? Even if we have previously spent time cleaning up the backyard or sorting out the garage, in no time at all, we have to do it all over again. Even student life is quickly filled up with diary entries of homework and extra curricular events. Before you know it, it feels like our life is filled with clutter. I'm sure its all important, but is it all necessary?

We are coming into a time on the church calendar known as Lent. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Good Friday. It's a time to de-clutter. Many people around the world use this time as a period of fasting; of giving up favourite foods, like chocolates or coffee. But have you thought about what might help to de-clutter the soul as well?

So much clutter is on the outside, but what's the state of our soul? Lent is also a time to reflect and let go of all those things that have burdened us over the past months, perhaps years. Lent is a time to evaluate, not just what is required of me to be successful, but what things are best for me to build a successful life. Jesus once said, "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then all those other things will be added to you." My guess is that Jesus was talking about priorities and what could be of the greatest value. Bottom line, for Jesus it is was all about relationships – that's what was worth saving, striving for, living for, and even dying to preserve, so that humanity has a future. Over to you!

Pastor Dirk Willner
Living Word Lutheran Church – church on campus

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