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← ​Importance of Reading Aloud

Good readers comprehend what they are reading, read the words accurately, read with fluency, and continually expand their vocabulary. Good readers are able to discuss and share with others what they are reading.

Our college libraries have excellent collections of quality literature. All members of our college families are welcome to borrow to enable regular reading aloud.

The importance of reading aloud daily to our students through early to middle years cannot be underestimated. We write about and promote this message with vigour and frequency and look to the research to support our message. Please follow the link below to read Ryan Spencer's (Clinical Teaching Specialist and Lecturer in Literacy Education : University of Canberra) entire article - Reasons why you should read aloud to your kids – and pick their favourite book. He presents recent research and convincing arguments for the benefits of reading aloud.

Reading aloud -

… improves fluency. Children hear good reading modelled for them

…expands vocabulary knowledge. You can talk to your child about new words.

…helps comprehension. You have the means to talk about what is happening in the book

…involves family members. Dads can be particularly significant here

…brings the fun back into reading. Sharing with your children is a valuable way to get them on the path to loving books.

The complete article here:

Mrs Kym Oestreich, Teacher Librarian Early and Junior Years and Mrs Leesa Merifield Head of Learning (Information Literacy & Middle Years Academic Progression)

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