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Students at Trinity Lutheran College from Kindergarten to Year 12 are encouraged and supported to read for both learning and leisure. A strategy that can be used at any age; and is explicitly taught in the Junior Years to support self-selection of a suitable book (or text) for an independent read, is the IPICK method. The principles though, apply for any reader.

The acronym reminds the reader to consider:

  • I = I choose (Independently)
  • P= Purpose (Am I reading to be informed or entertained?)
  • I = Interest (What do I like reading about?)
  • C = Comprehend (Do I understand what I am reading?)
  • K = Know (Do I know most of the words?)

As teachers and parents, we know that these same principles apply to our own reading. If we cannot “check” each of the points, then we are unlikely to persist with reading a book. If the book is a good fit, more time is spent reading… and becoming a better reader means more time spent reading. If the books our students are choosing for independent reading meet these criteria, they can benefit fully and enjoy the text they are reading. It is a flexible approach to guide book selection for all readers and equally valid in the library, the book shop, at home or in the classroom.

Mrs Kym Oestreich,Teacher Librarian Early and Junior Years and
Mrs Leesa Merifield Head of Learning (Information Literacy & Middle Years Academic Progression)


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