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← ​Happy Easter

What a joy to watch the Year 1B class present the Easter message and sing a lively Easter song at a recent chapel. They taught us that Easter is so much more than eggs and baskets and bunnies.. These things are meant to remind us of what Easter is really about. And what is that? Listen to the students!

Jamison: God loved us so much that he gave us His only Son.

Will: Jesus died on the cross for us, and rose three days later.

Felicia: He is risen! Jesus is alive! You can’t have Easter without Jesus!

Luke: Hosanna! Jesus is the most important part of Easter.

Abby: The truth is, we don’t need eggs, baskets, decorations, or the Easter Bunny.

Louis: But they do remind us that God brings us good gifts on Easter morning…

Charlie: And the greatest gift of all is the life of Jesus.

Ariella: Easter is about sharing the Good News.

Mulin: Let’s celebrate! Happy Easter!

Yes! Let’s celebrate! May we all enjoy a happy and meaningful Easter!

Pastor Michael Alfson

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