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This year our Easter Service is scheduled for Wednesday, 23 March starting at 6.00pm in the Robert Hoff Community Hall. The P&F Auxiliary will be providing a BBQ prior to the event from 3.00 pm allowing families to enjoy a meal in a fun, relaxed environment at school. This year, the participants in our service will be our Prep, Year 2 and Year 4 classes and many of our performing arts groups. We are looking forward to a wonderful service which will tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Parents, please note the service will run for less than an hour so we ask that all students stay for the entirety of the service and that no students are collected prior to the end of the service. Teachers will stay with their classes to ensure high levels of supervision until the end of the service when you can collect your child and head home.

The focus with our young children at this time of the year, is the resurrection of Jesus, and the hope that this event will bring Christians throughout the world together. My prayer is that our 2016 Easter service will convey this message to you in a meaningful way.

APS sport: Our Year 4 and 5 students have begun their training for the APS Winter Sport competition which starts in the second term. Teachers have noted that students are participating with enthusiasm and are beginning to develop the skills required to compete in our interschool competition. Our Prep to Year 3 students are also participating in a weekly internal sports program which is designed to encourage fun, fitness and participation. The APS scheduled games will be on a Thursday afternoon and the P - 3 program is run on a Friday afternoon. We wish our APS teams all the best as they begin their interschool sporting program next term.

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early and Junior Years

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