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Early next term, Year 12 students who wish to attend a tertiary institution in 2017 will need to make important decisions as to their pathways. These should not be taken lightly as they involve significant considerations such as :

  • which pathway?
  • which university or TAFE or RTO?
  • which course?
  • do I start in 2017 or do I delay entry for another year?

Many universities are invited to the college to present to our Year 12 students so as to provide them with as much information as possible.

Bond University was the first institution to visit Trinity this year with their presentation being held last Friday. 2015 Alumnus, Holly Sandery, was amongst the Bond University representatives. Holly is in her second semester of Bachelor of Communication. She spoke about her experiences at Bond and about how the entry process is different for Bond University. Students were reminded that undergraduate degrees at Bond University, with the exception of medicine, do not go through the QTAC system. Students interested in Bond are required to apply on-line and a Bond Admissions Officer will contact the student to arrange an interview. The second representative, Mrs Stephanie Bryan, updated the students on the new course offerings for 2017.

A representative from King’s College, a residential college at The University of Queensland (UQ), will be on campus next Tuesday to talk to students about the UQ experience and the advantages of living in on-campus accommodation. Griffith University (GU) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) will also conduct sessions on campus in Term 3 after the Queensland Core Skills test.

Mrs Pat Bodero
Head of Learning (Careers & VET)

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