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← Congratulations to the 2016 College Captains and student leaders on the Ashmore Road campus

At our 2016 Commencement Service on Sunday 7 February, the senior and middle school student leaders were inducted into their leadership roles for 2016. With the support of families, staff, fellow students and members of the Living Word Lutheran church on campus congregation, the students pledged to lead their peers with gentleness and humility under the banner of 'servant leadership'. Servant leadership is about continuing to develop a culture amongst the student leaders that enables them to be aware of the needs of all students in their school community, the obligations and responsibilities towards others that come with leadership and a willingness to serve others before oneself. Servant leadership emphasizes nurture and empowerment of others, rather than 'power and control over others.'

We congratulate the following students and wish them God's blessing as they undertake their important leadership roles in the college:

College Captains: Sophie Kleinschmidt and Jack Walsh
College Vice Captains: Emma Senior and Bryson Parker

Christian Life Captain: Jessica Gray
Academic & Culture Captain: Reina Katsumata
Citizenship Captain: Nathan Leydon and Kiara McGowan
Sport Captain: Amiel Cassidy

Christian Life Captain: Jayden Potter
Academic & Culture Captain: Madison Newbery and Jane Cho
Citizenship Captain: Gabrielle Slorach and Ben (Zihui) Yang
Sport Captain: Mikayla Simic

Christian Life Captain: Tahlia Traecey
Academic & Culture Captain: Minji Song
Citizenship Captain: Jessica Zygadlo
Sport Captain: Harrison Ganis

Middle School Captains: Liam Pert and Chelsea Burton
Middle School Vice Captains: Maxine Allwood and Cooper Berger

Christian Life Captain: Jonathan Willner
Academic Captain: Tayla Hopkins
Citizenship Captain: Selena Kaushal
Sport Captain: Emily Holyman

Christian Life Captain: Faith Moore-Carter
Academic Captain: Jazlyn Simpson
Citizenship Captain: Abbey Middleton
Sport Captain: Ruby Clark

Christian Life Captain: Joshua Wu
Academic Captain: Rachel Suh
Citizenship Captain: Uno Kakagawa
Sport Captain: Arkie Feehan and Joshua Wu

Mrs Carrie Allwood
Head of Campus, Middle & Senior Years

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