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← ​Coffee & Chat with Mrs Tina Croll, Personal Assistant to the Business Manager

  • What do you do in your role? I provide support to our Business Manager, Mr Phillip Hinds. I only started at Trinity in January and am really enjoying it so far. It certainly makes a refreshing change after working for large corporate organisations.
  • What are your areas of specialisation? I have a lot of experience supporting executives, in project and event management, and working alongside corporate communications professionals. In my last role at Sony, I managed the staff intranet and was blessed to work very closely with their charitable arm, the Sony Foundation, on fundraising events and campaigns.
  • What was your first job? I grew up in my parents' wholesale patisserie so started working in their shop at a very young age. I served customers, cleaned the bakery and helped with food preparation, most particularly with making thousands of dozens of hot cross buns and fruit mince pies every Easter and Christmas!
  • What’s the most rewarding part of your job? Becoming an integral, trusted and valued member of the team, and being my boss's right-hand woman.
  • What are some of your notable previous employers and roles? My last two roles were at Sony (Electronics) and ABN AMRO, a global investment bank. Both were very fast-paced roles and I was privileged to work with some amazingly talented people and on some memorable projects such as ABN AMRO's sponsorship of the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • What is your educational background? I started my career in the hospitality industry and completed dual Advanced Diplomas in Hotel Management. I loved working in hotels but better conditions and more sociable hours eventually lured me across to the corporate world.
  • What specialised skills, knowledge and/or talents do you use in your work? Organisational ability, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, diplomacy, the ability to multi-task, strong ICT skills and a willingness to serve others.
  • Where were you born? Sydney, Australia
  • What is your favourite colour? Maroon red except for three times a year when I have to revert back to blue ;)
  • What is your favourite cuisine? I would have to say Middle Eastern food. My Mum was born in Iran and is of Armenian descent. She makes the most beautiful curries and kebabs, and she still makes the fluffiest rice that I've ever tried.
  • What do you like to do in your down time? We have two young children, Zac aged 4.5 years, and Pia aged 22 months. They keep us busy but in our family time we like to visit the Broadwater Parklands or Paradise Point, or go for a swim at Labrador or Currumbin. We've only been on the coast for about 7 months so are enjoying discovering new places and meeting other young families.
  • How did you meet your husband? Jason and I met when we worked together in a 5-star hotel in Sydney. I worked in Reception and he was in Concierge.
  • What things do you not like to do? Ironing – I generally try to avoid it at all costs!

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