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← ​Coffee & Chat with Janette Salmi, Dean of Students Middle & Senior Years

  • Did you always want to have a career in education? No, I did not start out as an educator. I was encouraged to step into education as a mature age student with a young family to care for. It wasn’t easy going back to university where I walked alongside very young, enthusiastic people, but it served me well. I never would have imagined this change of direction in my life, but it has been the most rewarding and exciting career choice.
  • What other jobs have you had? I worked in public relations in International Hotels before becoming a mother of 4 (which has grown into 2 sons-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law and 5 ½ grandchildren).
  • What is your educational background? After obtaining my Bachelor of Education, I went on to gain a Certificate with the Glasser Institute of Australia and a Master of Education with a theological underpinning. I have also become an active member of the International Restorative Practices Qld chapter and have just become a certified presenter for Circle Solutions which supports our Restorative processes extremely well. I also gained a certificate in Philosophy supporting circles within the classroom. I am accredited through the Lutheran Education Australia Leadership Development Program (LDP).
  • What do you do in your role at Trinity?? In my role as Dean of Students, I oversee the pastoral care, relational management and student leadership development program. I am very blessed to work with a very competent team including the Heads of Year and Heads of House who support our student wellbeing work and our college spirit. My other hats include restorative practice, service learning, student leadership and camps to name a few. Trinity has become part of my DNA and I feel very honoured to serve in such a wonderful community.
  • Tell us about your journey of faith: I joined the Lutheran Church in Queen Street, Southport in 1982 as a mother of a 2 year old. I served as the Sunday School coordinator for a number of years and enjoyed many evenings in bible study groups. I am very passionate about my faith and take every opportunity to continue to grow in His word.
  • What else can you share with us? I am a part of a Pastoral Team, initiated by Lutheran Education Queensland, where I work with 5 other colleagues to develop the Pastoral Care programs for all Lutheran schools in Queensland. It is an honour to be chosen for this role where my specialisation in Restorative Practice can be shared with other schools.

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