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Recently, a very dear friend of mine was made redundant from her job. It was an enormously confronting episode for her. She felt undervalued, confused and sad. I am sure there are parents amongst us who have experienced this situation, and to you I offer my prayerful support. It is tough trying to find the right words to say in such a situation but I am convinced that, with her skills and talent, a door will soon open for her and that this difficult time could possibly be the opening of a new adventure for her?

Not as dramatic, but still somewhat confronting, is our redundancy as parents. Our parenting skills and knowledge will continue to grow and be refined, but we should be making ourselves a little more redundant each year. Do you expect a little bit more of your children each year by way of tasks around the home, the support they give to their community or to their own studies in general? A Prep parent will have to work alongside a child to complete sight word and reading homework, but by Year 4 a child should be able to complete homework tasks without much parent intervention. A child beginning a musical instrument will need parent support, but after a few years should be able to self-direct rehearsal time. A child beginning a new sport will need support from a parent, but ultimately should be able to participate on his/her own strength.

One of our school programs is called “Daily 5”. It is how we organise our literacy learning with the students and I have watched the skills of teachers and students grow over the three years since it was introduced at Trinity. The program involves intentional teaching and direction given by the teacher in short lessons, and this learning is then demonstrated by the students as they take on independent learning habits. The accountability and scaffolding from the teacher is high, but the evidence of the students’ learning of new skills is seen in their confident use of the literacy choice available daily and their ability to show self-direction.

My question to all parents is, “Are you making yourself redundant in the most positive way so as to allow your child to develop the ability to become self-directed with his/her own learning?” You will always be useful due to your life experience, maturity and skill levels, but are you expecting your children to step up and take responsibility, appropriate for their age level, to help them navigate the world of the future?

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early and Junior Years

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