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← ​Celebrating 35 years of Lutheran schooling on the Gold Coast 1981-2016

On Thursday 29 July the staff and students of the Ashmore Road campus had the pleasure of an extended assembly with presentations from former Head of Primary School, Mr Jeff Minge and foundation staff member and former Head of Technology, Mrs Lorraine Eldridge.

Highlights from the history of the primary school included:

  • the faith, vision and foresight of the founding families; Stephan, Strohmeyer and Mackenzie and the legacy they have left within the college community
  • the contribution of the foundation principal, staff, students and parents and their willingness to 'build' the first double stream Lutheran primary school in Australia
  • the ability of then Principal of Trinity Lutheran Primary School, Mr Robert Hoff to motivate and engage the wider Gold Coast community in support of this very new school
  • the contribution of Mr Jeff Minge, then Principal of Trinity Lutheran Primary School, as he upheld the motto of 'Every child a Star' and his further development of the music program in particular, which has benefitted so many students over the years

Highlights from the history of the middle and senior schools on the Ashmore Road campus:

  • we began as a very small school in the bush on Ashmore Road in 1987. The C block was the first building
  • the foundation staff banded together with the Principal, students and parents to build a school that focused on the importance of community and caring for one another
  • the amalgamation of the primary school and the 8-12 college in 2002 was a significant event in the history of the college and it enabled the development of the middle school from 2003

Year 10 students share their appreciation of the history of their college:

  • 'It's fantastic how much people can achieve if they put their mind to it. Without the determination of those early staff members, Trinity wouldn't be the wonderful school that it is today.' Isabella
  • 'I find it remarkable that our college was located in the bush, far away from anything else and now it is a large college surrounded by other industry, commercial buildings and housing.’ Hannah
  • 'I liked the way Mrs Wong spoke about the events that were taking place in the world in the 80's and throughout the time that Trinity was being established.' Zac
  • 'From one small classroom block and staffroom in 1987 till now is unreal! It makes us proud to know how far we have come through the strength of community and the technological and learning advancements that have taken place over the years.' Jamie

The 35th anniversary assembly ended with an enthusiastic rendition of the college war cry:

We are Trinity - United as one.
This school is our home - We'll fight till we've won.
Power, might and so much more. We are Trinity - hear us roar!

To do our best - and nothing less.
Brothers and sisters - we are blessed.
Through God's love - We strive together.
Hand in hand - Trinity forever!

Mrs Carrie Allwood
Head of Campus, Middle & Senior Years


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