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← ​Benefits of Private Music, Drama and Dance Tuition

The private music, drama, and dance lessons that we offer at Trinity Lutheran College, encourage our students to explore their talents, develop their musical and artistic skills and ultimately reach their full potential.

There are so many benefits for children who study music, dance, or drama:

  • enhanced teamwork skills and discipline
  • “doing” instead of observing
  • learning to think creatively and to problem solve imaginatively
  • achieving set goals and working to a deadline
  • enhanced performance skills and experience
  • increased self-esteem

An added benefit for Year 11 and 12 students, who are sitting high level music, dance, or drama exams, Grade 7 and above, is that their certificate results attract a separate rank from QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre). For example, through Trinity College London, a Grade 7 or 8 result is awarded a separate rank of 84 (approximately equivalent to OP 8 in 2015). Bonus points from universities are also added to the 84. When applying for universities in Queensland, QTAC will take the higher number. This means that if a student achieves a real OP of 10 but has the Rank of 84, then the Rank 84 will be used as university entrance to courses of his/her choosing as long as prerequisite subjects have been met.

At Trinity Lutheran College, the yearly cost associated with private music, dance and drama tuition and exam fees is approximately $1600, dependent on exam level, and students receive a ranking of 84. Comparing this to a business diploma, where costs vary from $2000 to $3500 (depending on the institution), with a rank of 82, it is easy to see that we are offering our students the best opportunities for success.

For information on QTAC ranks and University bonus points, please email Head of Learning (Careers & VET), Mrs Pat Bodero at

For more information on private music, dance or drama lessons, please email Performance Arts Administrator, Mrs Toni Scott at

Ms Cherie Smith
Director of Arts

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