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← Arts Excellence Students Enriched by Wonderful Opportunities in Semester 1

On Friday 13 May, our singers, dancers, actors and instrumentalists from our Arts Excellence program visited the Early Learning Centre to share their passion for arts and perform an entertaining 30 minute show for all students and their teachers. The ELC students are currently studying a unit on “How we express ourselves”, so we were thrilled to receive the invitation to perform for the youngest members of our college community. Students were mesmerised by the intimate concert, showcasing different instrumental items and teaching the students about different sections of the orchestra. They observed a variety of dancing styles from jazz to hip hop to contemporary. They also enjoyed a string trio, a jazz ensemble, chamber choir and the girls rocked out “Proud Mary” as a finale.

It was wonderful for our oldest and youngest students to come together for an exciting opportunity to share in the incredible world of music, dance and drama.

During Term 2 we were excited to welcome back a member of the performing arts alumni – Naomi Leader. Naomi pursued her passion for the arts and has been studying in Sydney for the past three years, just securing her first contract with Singapore Universal studios. Naomi gave an inspiring masterclass to our Arts excellence students and covered many important aspect of the industry such as; audition techniques, Sydney courses, resume creation and arts industry tips. The students found this particularly inspiring and relevant as they develop their skills in pursuing a career in the arts. We sincerely thank Naomi for spending an afternoon with us. We wish her all the best as she pursues her career internationally.

Students were also inspired by the stunning performance of “Strictly Gershwin”, presented by the Queensland Ballet and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on 27 May. Students were amazed at the spectacular dancing, the stunning costumes, the incredible musicianship and the overall entertaining performance they observed on opening night. This was a stunning tribute to the sounds and styles of the Gershwin brothers’ songs and the sparkling age of Hollywood musicals. The students enjoyed the nostalgic dance journey from ballet to tap and ballroom to jazz.

We look forward to Term 3 as we have organised an international classical guest artist to host a masterclass with our performing arts students. Stay tuned for more information...

Mrs Cherie Smith
Director of Arts

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