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← Action packed Term 2 comes to a close

Our school has been very busy, as is typical for the end of Term 2 each year. The students in Years Prep to Year 3 enjoyed their ‘silly socks’ fun run and our Year 4 and 5 students are now busy with their Athletics trials. Older students took part in their Regional Cross Country event, with Daniel Cooper Year 5, making it through to National level. Year 4 students led our chapel service teaching everyone about three parables from the Bible, they then attended Messy Church on Sunday and performed their plays to a congregation of over 100 people. The Early Learning Centre children didn’t miss out on all the activity and fun. They used their talents to produce a beautiful art show for their parents in our Robert Hoff Community Hall. There have been excursions and semester award ceremonies and all in all, it’s been a very busy but enjoyable few weeks.

I reflect on these times and decide that this is what school is all about. Our first and foremost function is, of course, to teach numeracy, literacy and thinking but further than that it is to be a community. When students participate in fun runs and sports events, they do their best but they also have lots of fun with their friends. They have to look out for each other and ensure everyone’s success. They have to be brave and courageous and participate in things which challenge them. For me, this is the joy of being a Head of School because I see many children push themselves past their limits, either physically or emotionally, and I am always very proud of them when they meet with success, or when they grapple with failure positively.

Thank you to the parents who have supported their children so well in all the busyness of the term. To the parents who have helped with homework, taken students to sports events or practices, come along to Twilight concerts and other Performing Arts events, enjoyed Messy Church on Sundays – you are appreciated by not only the staff of the college, but by your own children too.

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early & Junior Years

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