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Class Placements 2017
Each year, Mrs Thistlethwaite and the teachers spend many hours considering student class placements for the following year. They take into consideration a good balance of academic abilities and social and friendship issues. At this time of year, I ask parents to notify me if they have any specific requests in terms of friendship groups and that they give this advice to the school in writing only, addressed to me via email or letter. The cut-off date for these communications will be 31 October and letters received after this date will not be considered. Most of our year levels are full in 2017 so flexibility in terms of class placements will be limited. Please note that staffing is not yet settled for 2017 and often it is not until January that full staffing is finalised, so please do not include teacher preferences in any communications. I hope that parents will trust the process that is in place for class list organisation and be confident in the knowledge that all students at Trinity are highly valued and their happiness and contentment at school is paramount in the teachers’ planning, especially in terms of class placement.

A Busy term ahead!
As I start a new term I always peruse our college calendar to see the upcoming events and I was struck by how busy this term is. With APS sport, P - 3 swimming carnival, book fair, incursions, excursions, assemblies, chapels, Year 5 camp, Twilight Concert, Celebration of Excellence, Year 5 farewell and the Christmas carols event, I wondered how we manage to fit it all in. It is a testament to how vibrant Trinity Lutheran College is as a school that not only follows a very rigorous curriculum using the Primary Years’ Program but is also very actively involved in the performing arts, sport and social events too.

At the end of this term, our Years 1 – 4 teachers will be packing up their classrooms which are all being refurbished over the Christmas holidays to reflect our agile/flexible learning environment which we are bringing through the school. Our Prep and Year 5 students are already adapting to this style of teaching and learning. These students are loving their new environment, so we are looking forward to newly designed classrooms throughout the junior school in readiness for 2017.

I look forward to working with the students and families of Trinity Lutheran College during Term 4 and extend an open door invitation should you feel you want to give any feedback about our programs this year.

Mrs Trudy Moala
Head of Campus, Early & Junior Years


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