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Year 8 Camp 2020

Despite the turmoil of 2020, our Year 8s were still blessed with the opportunity to attend camp in Week 4 of Term 3. The students spent four days at Camp Kokoda, located on the shores of Maroon Dam, two hours west of the Gold Coast. Students and teachers disembarked off the buses and were greeted by the camp instructors equipped with thermometers, ready to take temperatures and ensure everyone was fit and healthy. With COVID-19 precautions all in place, our Year 8 students were set for a memorable time on camp.

The activities that our Year 8 students experienced at Camp Kokoda included hiking (lots and lots of hiking), the high ropes course, the flying fox, abseiling, canoeing, the giant swing (a crowd favourite) and a range of different group initiatives. These activities, delivered by the highly capable instructors from Camp Kokoda, are designed to challenge students mentally, physically and socially. There is no doubt, that every student was pushed outside of their comfort zone at one point or another, and it was whilst outside of their comfort zones, that students conquered fears and experienced a great sense of self and team accomplishment.

It was not only the activities that challenged the students. The Year 8s were all far from their usual home comforts. They did not have access to their family, their warm beds, technology or showers and running toilets. Everything the students needed to survive for the four days was carried on their backs from one location to another, this included their clothing, tents, water and food. Taking away the distractions of technology and modern conveniences allowed students to build new relationships amongst their peers and further deepen the bonds of friendships that already existed.

The overall feedback from both the teachers and students who attended Camp Kokoda was extremely positive. Lifelong memories were made and the challenges that the students overcame proved extremely rewarding. Speaking on behalf of the teachers who attended Year 8 Camp 2020, we are extremely proud of the students for their hard work, their positive attitudes and their willingness to have a go.

Miss Gemma Walpole

Teacher – Years 6 - 12


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