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Year 7 and 8 Maths Whizzers!

In August Trinity sent six students to the QAMT (Queensland association of Mathematics Teachers) Year 7/8 Mathematics Quiz. The Quiz has five sections: estimation, fast response, problem solving, short answer questions, history and general knowledge of Mathematics. This challenge is a great way to help instil the spirit of competition and teamwork, but also brings some fun to this incredibly important subject. All rounds of the quiz are designed to be interesting, fun and accessible to Year 7 and Year 8 students but they are definitely no walk in the park!

Fifteen teams in total took part in the competition comprising of 2 teams from each of the following schools: All Saints Anglican School, Trinity Lutheran College, Kings Christian College, Somerset College, Palm Beach College, Aquinas College and Hillcrest Christian College and one team from Miami State High School. Trinity Team 2 was leading by one point at half time but were unfortunately just pipped at the end by a team from All Saints Anglican School by only two marks, putting them in second place overall! All our students represented themselves and the College admirably and are to be congratulated for their efforts.

"On Thursday 17 August, a group of five students along with myself competed in the Gold Coast round of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Year 7/8 Quiz. We were in two teams, each with three students, one student from Year 7 and two students from Year 8. I was in Trinity Team 2. Sitting at our tables, we were all very anxious for the first question. The evening began with the group estimation round. During this round we had 20 seconds to answer each of the five questions. Then the next round was one of the most daunting: it was the speed round!

One group at a time we went into the room where a teacher would ask us a 20 questions, giving us two minutes to answer them aloud. At the end of the rounds in the first half the leader board showed that my team was coming first. The next three rounds included the individual problem solving, individual short answer and team short answer. It was a tight race for the top spot, with Mr Unsworth cheering us on from the sidelines. However in the end Trinity Team 1 ended up in 13th place and my team, Trinity Team 2 was second, narrowly missing out on the chance to compete in the finals in Brisbane. By the end of the night the whole Trinity group was smiling, we were all very grateful that we had the opportunity to compete."Tabitha, Year 8

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