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Year 5 Exhibition: A pledge to 2030 Global Goals

Collaboration, research, communication, teamwork, resilience, are just a few of the words that spring to mind in describing the Year 5 Exhibition. 81 determined and motivated students developed their knowledge on one of the Global Goals. With a passion to help reduce the impact of these Global Goals by 2030, the students worked in teams to find out, sort out, make conclusions and take action.

With the help of their parents, teachers, mentors and members of the community from around the globe, the students researched many different topics. Topics included Quality Education in Schools, Global Warming, Health, Coral Bleaching, Ocean Pollution and many more.

The PYP Exhibition night was an engaging celebration of our Year 5's learning. The students used a variety of modes of presentation to present their research. “We enjoyed creating the iMovie because it summed up our research.” Emmanuel Cathie quotes. These modes of presentation were used to share their learning journey and educate their family and friends on the night of Exhibition and promoted a worthy charity that connected with their global goal. Families voted for charities at the end of the evening and we will support a number of these charities through chapel donations this term and next term.. “We enjoyed working with our group and seeing our Exhibition presentations coming together through our Brochure and PowerPoint” states Clare Dooley.

What a wonderful experience the Year 5’s had. The life-long skills each student has developed through this experience will be an asset to them for the rest of their lives.


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